Midsummer Philosophy Workshop

18 June - 20 June 2017

The 2017 Midsummer Philosophy Workshop is a general interest philosophy conference to be held in Leeds, England from 18 June - 21 June.

Participation is by-invitation only on the basis of submitted abstracts and/or volunteering to comment or chair.

Here are some basic logistics for attendees:

1. Map of Relevant Stuff 

2. Accommodations

From the train station, you should take a cab to Churchill College.  It's on the other side of town and sort of set back from the road.  

The college has asked Paulina to send you a registration form in advance – they'd prefer you to fill it out in advance and bring it with you but no worries, if you won't be able to.  You should have received it via email. But here it is again.

From Churchill to Sidney Sussex (where our conference will be), it's around a 15-20 minute walk. See the map for walking routes. If you want to take a taxi, ask the porters at Churchill to call you a cab.  But, you can also call a taxi yourself.  Paulina recommends Panther: 0122-371-5715.  Ask the cab driver to drop you off at Round Church.  From there it is a 2 minute walk down Sidney Street to Sidney Sussex College.

You Want the Internet!!!!  There's free and open wifi available everywhere in Churchill. It's called CHURCHILL COLLEGE. There's no password. 

3. Sunday Night

We'll have an informal gathering at Clowns Cafe, Kings Street, starting at 6 pm. It's a small, family-run place and they are happy to cater to various dietary restrictions.  

You can check in and then walk or taxi it over to there. 

4. Workshop Location & Schedule

The workshop will be in the Knox Shaw Room at Sidney Sussex College. It's right in the center of Cambridge. (The gardens are glorious, so fingers crossed that there will be some sunshine to bask in.) 

Again, here's that map with important places (including coffee & some recommended lunch spots): 


5. Comments/Handouts

Commentators: your comments should be maximally 7 minutes long. 

There's no projector in the room but we do have a whiteboard. Paulina will print things but you have to get it to her by Friday evening. (She won't have access to a printer on the workshop days, since she doesn't have an office in College.)   

6. Conference Dinner

Conference dinner is on us! It will be at Klub Polonia at 7:30 PM. Partner and kids are very welcome, just let me know, so I can make sure we have enough food.

7. Contact

Any questions, let us know! And if you need to get hold of us, here are contact numbers:  

Paulina: 0792-327-8844 (she's the main person on the ground for this year's MPW, so call her first)

Matthew: 0756-855-1502