Midsummer Philosophy Workshop

18 June - 20 June 2017

The 2017 Midsummer Philosophy Workshop is a general interest philosophy conference to be held in Leeds, England from 18 June - 21 June.

Participation is by-invitation only on the basis of submitted abstracts and/or volunteering to comment or chair.

Announcing the Second Midsummer Philosophy Workshop (2014)

We invite submissions for the second annual Midsummer Philosophy Workshop. This year the workshop will be hosted at the University of Cambridge.

The aim of the Midsummer Philosophy Workshop is to discuss new work in analytic philosophy.  We welcome submissions by anyone from anywhere, but we particularly encourage early career researchers to submit.

Essays on any topic are welcome but since the workshop will be attended by participants in a range of areas of specialization, papers that are broadly accessible will have a better chance of getting accepted.  We also have a preference for shorter papers (up to 8000 words, including footnotes).  For a sense of the sorts of papers we are looking for, here is last year's schedule

We also invite volunteers for comments and to serve as session chairs.  

This is a pre-read workshop. The papers will not be presented (in whole or summary), and sessions will instead focus on comments and discussion. Therefore, anyone submitting a paper or volunteering to comment or chair should commit to reading all the papers ahead of time. Since we hope to stimulate discussion across all areas of specialisation, participants are expected to attend all sessions. Because of the format of the workshop, participation will be restricted to those on the conference program. Both papers and commentators/chairs will be chosen by anonymous review, and submissions are open to everyone.

There will be plenty of time for informal discussions and socializing. The sun doesn’t set until 9:30 pm that time of year!

To submit a paper or to volunteer to comment or chair, please email the 2014 Midsummer Philosophy Workshop Program Committee at midsummerphilosophy@gmail.com by February 15.  We will get back to you with decisions by April 15.

Paper submissions should be prepared for anonymous review and include a brief abstract and word count. Volunteers for commenting or chairing should state their AOS and include a brief anonymized summary of their research.

We will subsidise accommodation for all participants, and hope to be able to offer free onsite childcare.

For more information, please contact the organizers at midsummerphilosophy@gmail.com.

The organizers are: Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge), Matthew Smith (Leeds), Nick Treanor (Edinburgh) 

We are very grateful for the generous support from the funders for the 2014 Midsummer Philosophy Workshop: The Faculty of Philosophy, The Cambridge Humanities Research Fund and The Mind Association.